Autobiography of a Black Public Servant


Sex…Scandal…Insanity in the Federal government? Who knew?

This entertaining book takes a humorous look at the 29-year adventurous career of Denise Meridith, a Brooklyn native, who climbed through the Federal ranks from a beginning wildlife biologist in the Southwest desert to Deputy Director of the agency in Washington, DC.

As the first female field professional and one of the few minorities in the Bureau of Land Management, her story is inspirational to women, people of color, military and other government workers, students or any person pursuing a non-traditional career. It is a how-to-manual for thriving, just not surviving, against all odds in a challenging workplace.

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Sample chapters include:

Even the TV’s Were Black and White

Getting High Above Cayuga’s Waters

The Myth of Affirmative Action

Macho Mania

Sex and the BLM

The Carrot and the Joystick

A Devil of a Blue Dress

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